Beaches Rugen

On the back you have several beautiful beaches. Rugen has been popular with the nudists in the past, so there are also naked beaches for the lovers everywhere.
At the bottom of this page are all the beaches listed on a map!

Sandy beaches / Fine sandy beaches Rugen

  • The schaabe * 11km long beach of 20m wide
  • Prorer Wiek, 6km long beach between Prora and Binz
  • Feinsandig stand east coast Baabe, 2km long and 30m wide
  • Feinsand beach in Gohren. 2km long and 35m wide
  • Feinsand beach Lobbe – Thiessow 5km long
  • Stand am bakenberg 7km long
  • Ostseebad Sellin, 2km long 25 meters wide
  • Sandy beach of Mukran 2.5km long.
  • Neuendorf beach 500 meters long
  • Grabow Sandy Beach
  • Boddenstrand lietzow 250 meters long
  • Osteebades GOhren 3km long and 30m wide
  • Bodysuit rosengarten 4km long
  • South Beach at Gohren 3km long and 30m wide
  • Stone beach at Dranske 2km long
  • Boddenstrand Wreechen 1.5 km long.

Nature beaches

Dogs beaches

Guarded beaches

FKK beach (nude beach)
Rental of beach beds and others.

Idylic beaches

Invalid beaches

Stone beaches

Beach boulevards

Beach for Surfers and Kiters.

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The water quality.

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