Güttin Rugen

Because Rügen is not a big island, there are no big places. There are only villages, and Güttin is one of them. Güttin is famous for being the only airport in Rügen near this place. The airport is located about eight kilometers south of Bergen. The airport is not large, only airplanes can take off and land with a maximum weight to 5/7 tonnes. Therefore, the airport is also referred to as Regionalflugplatz, only aircraft flying from Germany or Denmark are coming. For example, if you want to fly to Rügen from abroad, you can transfer to Hamburg, for example.

How do you reach Güttin?

Güttin and the airport are on the main road B 96. Travel by public transport then you can take the train link between Sassnitz and Stralsund. Güttin does not have its own train station, the nearest stop is Teschenhagen, which is about 3 kilometers from Güttin. From the airport at Güttin you can make various round trips over the island. There are eight different routes that are flown. The price for a flight over Rügen ranges from 54 euros for a flight of about 20 minutes to 229 euros for a one and a half hour flight.

The history of the airport at Güttin

The airport of Rügen does not exist for so long. It was only opened in 1982, the airport then only had a grassway for starting and landing aircraft, so only small aircraft could land and take off. There were consequences with Let Z-37 and Antonov AN-2 devices. In 1993, the airport received an asphalted runway and charter flights were also taken to Berlin, Bornholm and Hamburg. In 1998, the airport was further modernized. A real terminal was built with a traffic tower and a restaurant. There was also an overground gas station for aircraft.