Campings Rugen

Camping on Rugen is possible, there are many campsites on Rugen and there is a campsite for every type of camping. In addition to the regular campsites there is also the possibility of nudist recreation. There are various special campsites and beaches available on Rugen.

On Rugen there are about 30 campsites which are normally fully booked in the summer holidays, campsites are suitable for all types of tents and caravans.

Below is an extensive list of campsites in Rugen, some are easily bookable online and other campsites can be sent directly to you directly.

  • Regenbogen Gohren
  • Caravancamp Osteeblick
  • Campingplatz Drewoldke
  • Kruger Naturcamping
  • Freizeit-oase Rugen
  • Osteecamp Suhrendorf
  • Camping-meier-Prora
  • Sund-camp-altefahr
  • Regenbogen Nonnevitz
  • Camping Gross Banzelvitz
  • Camping Am Schaproder Bodden
  • Camping-Oase Thiessow
  • Strotebeker-Camp
  • Knaus Camping und ferienhauspark Rugen
  • Camping Pritzwald
  • Naturcamp zu den zwei Birken
  • Camping Surf – Oase-Klein Zicker

See more campsites here .

If there are any campsites missing then you can contact us so we can expand the list!