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Hotels on Rugen are plentiful. In recent years, the development of the hotels has moved at a rapid pace, and now it is possible to find hotels in virtually all villages.
The island of Rügen is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination, also for Dutchmen. The tourist industry has responded well, because currently you find one or more hotels in almost every location on this beautiful island. On our website we will give you more information about a number of hotels in Rügen. Well-known chains like Aparthotel have locations, but there are also small-scale family hotels. Rügen has a lot to offer, both for adults and families with children. The famous hotel built by Hitler before the Second World War has now been transformed into an unusual block box in a beautiful location, where another is a youth hotel and a luxury spa hotel

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If you plan to visit one or more attractions of the peninsula, then you can book a hotel nearby. For example, there are several hotels near the Jagdschloss Granitz and of course in the main town of Bergen, Bergen. But because the island is not large, all locations are easy to reach. You can also make the choice of your hotel depend on the facilities or the number of stars or your choice based on the ratings of visitors.

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When choosing your hotel, you do not necessarily have to pay attention to the location, as all places on the island are easily accessible by public transport. You can make beautiful tours with the steam train, you can take the bus and the places are directly on the coast by the ferry. You can choose from accommodations that are comfortable and well priced. If you like more luxury than there are also 5 star hotels. More personal attention for the guests you will find in the guesthouses. There is something for everyone at Rügen.

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