Lauterbach Rugen

Lauterbach is a town of Putbus on the island of Rügen. The railway line on Rügen which starts in Bergen and runs through Stralsund and Sassnitz ends several times a day. Lauterbach has a port and you can also use the standard rail network to travel from Rügen to Germany’s mainland except Rügen’s narrow railroad track, called Rasender Roland. The island is connected by a mainland connection, so the crossing can not only be done by boat but by car or train.

The history of Lauterbach

As early as 1819, the area where Lauterbach is located was inhabited by people. A paper mill was built. In 1817 Prince Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus built a bathhouse. This was used in the DDR as a resting place for the miners working in the area. But Lauterbach was founded only in 1840 when a port was built because its location was more favorable than that of the nearby Neuendorf. At that time, Lauterbach had only seven houses. The construction of the port made it possible for ships from Sweden and steam ships from Stettin and Stralsund to Lauterbach to build. That created a thriving economy of shipbuilding, fisheries and trade. The bath houses, which were initially collected when Lauterbach was founded, also continued to exist. Lauterbach Train Station is called Lauterbach Mole, named after the paper mill built in the early 19th century.

Why are tourists going to Lauterbach?

Besides fishing and shipbuilding tourism is also an important source of income for the inhabitants of Lauterbach. There are several hotels to be found. The port is also suitable for yachts, and from Lauterbach you can visit the nearby island of Vilm, where you can enjoy beautiful nature. The famous Botho Waldorf photographer in Germany was born in Lauterbach in 1945