Lietzow Rugen

Lietzow is a holiday village on the island of Rügen. The village has only 250 inhabitants and is therefore “populated” by tourists. Lietzow is popular because of the sandy beach on the Baltic Sea and the extensive forests where you can walk. Lietzow is located about 11 kilometers from Bergen, and you will find delightful rest. The surrounding area is a national park and thus protected nature reserve. Everyone who loves walking must visit this region on Rügen. You will find peace and quiet and endlessly enjoy nature and the beautiful surroundings. In addition, you enjoy unprecedented hospitality from the villagers.

Stay as you like in Lietzow

Although the village of Lietzow is small, you can find various ways to spend time on Rügen. You can reserve a place at the campsite for your tent, caravan or camper. Whether you book a room in a Bed & Breakfast (Gästhaus) or in a hotel. There is plenty to see in the vicinity of Lietzow, like the Liechtenstein castle, an exact copy of the castle near Reutlingen. The castle was once built by an architect who used it as a holiday home. In the meantime, the fully renovated chateau is used as a home.

Stone Age excavations and wonderful walks

Excavations near Lietzow made special discoveries from the early Stone Age. The found objects like arrows and knives are displayed in various museums on the island of Rügen. The Semper Forest Park, built in 1920, is 38 acres and offers visitors and hikers a beautiful view of the Jasmund. Famous is the Rhododendron Allee, where you can enjoy the colorful colors of flowers in the flowering period of these plants. After a nice walk in the park you can enjoy the Kaskadenteich.