Maps rugen

A good map of Rugen you definitely need while visiting Rugen, there are many nice roads to be prepared, including roads in DDR style. In addition, it is advisable for hikers to buy good tickets, and for various cyclists there are also various cards available.

Below is the general map of Rugen, followed by good hiking and cycling tickets that you can buy online.

Maps Rugen

[map type=”hybrid” weather=”1″ clouds=”1″ autofit=”1″] [pin icon=”star” tooltip=”Prora op Rugen” description=”Schitterend bouwerk! “]prora, rugen[/pin] [pin icon=”star” tooltip=”National Park Jasmund,” description=”National park jasmund,”]National park jasmund, rugen[/pin] [pin icon=”house” tooltip=”Sassnitz” description=”Sassnitz, ideaal voor een boottocht richting de krijtrotsen”]Sassnitz[/pin] [pin icon=”star” tooltip=”Kap Arkona” description=”Kap Arkona, rugen”]Kap Arkona, rugen[/pin] [pin icon=”house” tooltip=”Binz” description=”Binz een mooi dorp met een pier”]Binz[/pin] [pin icon=”star” tooltip=”sellin” description=”Schitterende pier van Sellin”]Seebrücke Sellin[/pin] [pin icon=”star” tooltip=”Rasender Roland” description=”Rasender Roland”]putbus[/pin] [pin icon=”house” tooltip=”Stralsund brug naar Rugen” description=”Stralsund brug naar Rugen”]stralsund[/pin] [pin icon=”star” tooltip=”Naaktstranden rugen” description=”Naaktstranden rugen”]L292, 18586 Gager, Duitsland[/pin] [/map]

Star = attraction

House = Place

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