Putbus Rugen

Putbus is the youngest city on the island of Rügen and also the oldest seaside resort of the peninsula. Since 1997 Putbus has been recognized nationally as a seaside resort. In English, Putbus is also referred to as White City, because of the many whitewashed houses that can be found. Another nickname is Rose City, because many historic buildings are adorned by bulky rose bushes. Putbus is a very green city. Nearly 90 percent of Putbus’s surface is green. The city has more than four thousand inhabitants.

The Putbus Castle Park

The main attraction is the freely accessible castle park. The former Putbus castle was demolished in the 1960’s. But the outbuildings such as the stables, the Orangerie and the terrace have been preserved. In the Orangerie and the stables are exhibitions and performances to be paid for a fee. Putbus’s largest building is the Pädagogium, which was used as a program for computer science specialists until 2014.

Narrowdown Rolender Roland

Putbus is the starting point of the well-known narrow railway line Rasender Roland. This railway line was built between 1895 and 1899 and also does Binz and Göhren. Today, this railway line is all still in use for tourists. There are also old steam trains. Later, the railway line was extended to Lauterbach, expanding to normal track, so that modern trains can now also be driven. A train ride is definitely worth while, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and there is plenty of opportunity to take pictures of the area on the way.

Putbus Events

Putbus is hosted annually in May at the Putbus Festival with concerts at various places in the city. In June, the annual harbor festival of Rügen takes place and in September you can enjoy the cabaret festival in Putbus. When these events take place exactly, they will be announced on the website of the local tourist office.