For those who like a strenuous walk and trained in it, a walk from Sassnitz to the Königsstuhl is a nice spending of a day on Rügen. During the walk you have a beautiful view of the Kreidefelsen, or the chalk cliffs along the coast of the island. The walk takes about three hours. Halfway there is a rest, but this has been closed for a long time so if you take the hike on a hot day, it is advisable to take some spare and water for on the road. If you do not feel like being able to walk the distance, you can also return to Sassnitz by bus.

Make the boat trip

 Kreidefelsen rugen Are not you so Fanatic with walking, then there is a nice alternative to visit the Königsstuhl, namely by boat. From Sassnitz you can make a nice trip by ferry. There are various boats from Binz along the chalk cliffs. Tourists who made the boat advise to opt for a smaller boat because you have better visibility. The big ferries that sail along the coast are very crowded especially in high season, and sometimes it is difficult to get a good spot to watch the chalk pots and make beautiful pictures.

chalk crust Erosion

The krijtrot coast is about 15 kilometers long and is one of the most beautiful areas of Rügen. Most tourists who visit the island will therefore see the rocks, either by walking or from the water. The beautiful chalk pots are unfortunately not resistant to the weather. Many pieces of rock have already been broken down and fallen down. Once again it’s raining again, pieces have disappeared and there are fragments at the foot of the rocks.