Natural Heritage Center Rügen / treetop trail

naturerbe zentrum ruegenThe most beautiful sunrise you can experience when you get up early and go to the Heritage Center of Rügen. Along the Baumwipfelpfad you can enjoy walking. Especially in the summer months, walks are organized in the early morning for those who want to see the sun rise in this beautiful nature reserve. From all of Europe, tourists come to Rügen, especially for making beautiful walks, because the surroundings of the Naturerbezentrum are ideal for this. You experience nature here very close.

Walking with a Guide

You can explore the Baumwipfelpfad on your own, but you can also walk under the guidance of a guide. The guided walk leads along the pebbles or through the beautiful forests. Nowhere else can you experience nature as close as here. The flora and fauna of this area are beautiful. Hobby photographers can certainly get their heart off. On the footpath you will also find the lookout tower built around a tree. In good weather, you can see miles far from the high viewpoint and make beautiful pictures of the surroundings. After the walk you can still visit the permanent exhibition and exchange the exhibition that is in the center.

The opening hours of the Naturerbezentrum

The nature center is open throughout the year, except for two short periods during the winter. The center is open at half past ten, depending on the season the center is open until 16.30 in winter and until 7.30 in the summer months. The entrance fee is 10 euros for an adult and 8 euros for a child up to 15 years. A guided walk costs 3 euros per person extra. The walks last from one and a half to three hours.