Rasender Roland

The Rasender Rolland is a magnificent steam train on Rugen, which can be visited all year long, and it is also possible to drive on the Putbus – Gohren route. The train from 1895 runs at a speed of about 30 km per hour over the route, while the view is nice to photograph!

A ticket for 1 ride, costs 2 euros, prices change per season, current prices are at the ticket office.

Breeder on the map

Below is the exact location of the Rasender Roland on the map!

Roland Roland

The Razende Roland is the well-known nickname of the Rügen steam train run, the Rügensche Bäderbahn. The steam train travels via Binz to Göhren. It is a narrow-gauge track that is exclusively driven by steam-driven narrow-gauge trains. During the high season, the train after Göhren continues to Lauterbach Mole. This train station has existed since 1899, nowadays the railroad has only one more tourist function to connect the well-known seaside resorts of Rügen. The journey by train is already an experience. The train does not go faster than 30 kilometers per hour, which does not really honor his nickname. But the nostalgia is high and that is what many tourists from abroad and abroad are very keen on.

The History of the rasender Roland

The railway was built between 1895 and 1899. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the line was already out of date. Nevertheless, the line continued and survived two world wars. During WWII wird Rügen bombed and also the rail was affected. In the 1990s, the track between Putbus and Göhren was privatized and has since been held by the Rügensche Kleinbahn.


Because the train mainly serves tourists, there is an extensive timetable in the summer and drives the train every hour. In the spring and late season and in winter months the frequency is lower and the train runs every two hours. Only during the summertime, the train also runs to Lauterbach Mole. Outside, the train goes no further than Göhren. The timetable is extensive, in the summer you can use the train until late in the evening. You can buy a ticket for the train at the stations of Putbus, Binz, Göhren and Lauterbach Mole. During the high season, the lounges are also opened at the smaller stations. You can also buy a ticket from the driver on the train.