U-Boot museum Sassnitz

In Sassnitz on Rügen you will find the U-Boot museum, or the submarine museum. The museum is located in the original British submarine Her Majesty’s Submarine Otus from 1963. This submarine model was built between 1959 and 1967 and was renowned for its whispering engine. That’s why this boat got the U-Boot museum sassnitzNickname “Silent Hunter”, or Stille Jager. In order to be able to dive to depths of 300 meters or less, this submarine was made with extra-thick pressure cabinets. The H.M.S. Otus served 28 years at the Royal Navy of Great Britain, and was deployed among the Falkland Islands. Of this type of submarine a total of 27 boats were built, one part for the English navy, the remaining ships were sold to Canada, Australia and Chile, among others.

Converted to museum

After his active service, the Otus in Germany went for anchor to be converted into a museum boat. On a visit, you get a realistic picture of life aboard a submarine as it was in the 60s to 80s of the last century. Information on the exhibition and the use of the crew is clearly explained on the basis of information and exhibitions of utilities. You can also view the engine room and the advanced submarine control center. Due to the two still functioning periscopes you can take a look at the port of Sassnitz. Three former crew members, who visited the Otus in 2004 to see how their “submarine” was converted into museums, found that the room was still smoking as in the time they were working on board.

Visit the whole year

The U-boat museum is open all year. You can get there daily from 10 am. During the summer, the museum is open until 19:00 in the evening, during the pre- and post-season until 18:00 and during the winter period until 16:00.

Photos of U-Boot museum Sassnitz