Gohren Rugen

Gohren, the eastern point of Rugen.

Gohren is located in the most eastern part of the Rugen peninsula. This large German seaside resort is an ideal place to start your holiday and offers you a lot more to offer a beautiful stretch of beach. The seaside resort is surrounded by meadows, fields (cloisters) and woods with old trees. Gohren has buildings with historic architecture and is built in monastery-style style. In addition, the place has many restaurants offering the most delicious dishes.

Camping or hotel Gohren

Gorhen You can spoil yourself in one of the hotels, but there are other possibilities of staying in Gohren. For campers, it is delicious at Camping ‘Regenbogen Gohren’. The campsite is located on a beautiful sandy beach, just behind the dune forest and is fully equipped. Would you rather be in a holiday home? Then, of course, that is possible.
Book your hotel in Gohren at least easily.

You can check the campsite online and compare it to the various providers of hotels and holiday homes and other campsites. By comparing you can make the most of your wishes. All accommodation options are available online. At the same time, order your bicycle and walking cards so that you do not have to settle on arrival.

Gohren, Rugen op kaart

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