Rugen Island Germany

Welcome to Rügen, Germany’s largest and most beautiful island!

Rugen, located in northern Germany, is a peninsula in the Baltic Sea and is connected to the mainland by a suspension bridge. The Hangbrug is located in the Hanzestad Stralsund.

Activities on Rugen

With various beautiful attractions, Rugen is the perfect location to unwind and enjoy the beautiful Germany and especially Rugen has to offer. Rugen has gained a prominent place in the line of German German must visits. In part, Rugen is very popular among the German people.

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Small and Complex

Rugen is a small but complex island with a total distance from south to north of + 50 kilometers and a maximum width of about 40 kilometers in the south of Rugen. The total surface of Rugen is 900 km². There are about 75,000 inhabitants on their backs.

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Typical features of Rugen are the volatile coastline, chalk cliffs, sandy beaches and special forests. In addition, the construction of a large KDF building in the 40’s has printed a big stamp on a particular area on Rugen.


Bergen is the main town of Rugen, a cozy village with typical German style of houses, hotels and restaurants. The various villages each have a unique character and are usually cozy in German.

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Other places

Another place that is important to Rugen. This place is Sassnitz from here, leaving a ferry to various Scandinavian destinations. Stockholm, Copenhagen, Riga and Saint Petersburg.

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There is a lot to experience at Rugen. On our website we will further explore the attractions, must do’s, campsites, hotels, restaurants, hiking routes of Rugen, so we hope you experience everything.
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