Sassnitz Rugen

Sassnitz, The beauty of Rugen

The German Rugen peninsula, which lies behind the former Iron Curtain, was not accessible to Westerners until 1990. Too bad because this beautiful island has so much beauty. It offers a sea of culture and nature, which you can watch by bike or by walking. The magnificent chalk cliffs on the coastline are an area of interest. From the Königsstuhl, which exits 188 meters above the coastline, you have a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea.

Sassnitz Harbor

SassnitzSassnitz is the second largest city of the island. It is often referred to as the gateway to Scandinavia. From the port you can easily make a ferry trip to a Scandinavian country. When standing on the pier, you can see and see all boats coming in. Not far from this place is the Jasmund National Park, where the krijtrotsen is part of. You can enjoy walking in this protected nature reserve.

Sassnitz Hotels

In Sassnitz there are many different hotels, where you can pamper yourself completely. However, it is also good to live in a holiday home. There you can walk your own walk and you are not bound to dinner times. But there are also beautiful campsites on this island. There is something for everyone. Compare the different providers and book the holiday of your choice easily online.

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Sassnitz Rugen on the map
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