Stralsund Rugen

A look at the Hanzestad Stralsund

Stralsund is the Hanseatic city of Germany. From here you can easily cross the boat to the Rugen peninsula. Rugen is a beautiful place for the walkers and cyclists. But you can also visit this island for your rest. You can enjoy forest and nature, but also the rich beaches of Rugen. Also for nudists, Rugen is a suitable place of relaxation, because of the special campsites and beaches that can only be used by nudists.

Stralsund and Her History

Stralsund_Alter_Markt_Abend_Stralsund still has several churches from the end of the Middle Ages. You recognize the brick churches in their gothic church architecture. The Swedish government palace lets you go back in the time when this city was under Swedish rule in the 17th and 18th centuries. Worth a visit is the Ozeaneum on the harbor island, where you can make a fascinating underwater trip. With its modern architecture, this building contrasts with the rest of the buildings in this city.

Stralsund attractions

  • Ozeaneum
  • Gorch Fock
  • Danholm
  • Stralsund Theatre

Stralsund Hotels

Stay in one of the many hotels that this city has to offer and view from this historic Hanzestad and the neighboring Rugen Peninsula. Before you book a hotel, you can compare different providers. If you have made a choice then you can easily book online.

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Stralsund Rugen on the map

Below is the exact location of Stralsund on the map!

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